conveyancing law firms Dartford

What to expect from conveyancing law firms Dartford?

Dartford is experiencing rapid growth in the housing market.  Solicitors play a crucial role in ensuring that property transactions proceed smoothly. They have been important players in the growing real estate market of Dartford.  They have formed an important bridge between buyers and sellers. Solicitors have represented their clients in all matters related to property transaction from registration of properties to settlement of stamp duty taxes for newly bought houses. The solicitors that have made tremendous contributions in the housing market can be found in one of the many conveyancing law firms Dartford.

Accredited Solicitors

Conveyancing law firms are special law firms that offer only conveyancing services. They do not partake in other matters of law. There are other types of law firms such as constitutional law firms and criminal law firms. Special government bodies regulate these law firms. The most significant regulatory body is the Solicitor Regulatory Authority (SRA). SRA ensures that solicitors work ethically and that they adhere to the law. Solicitors must protect the interest of their clients at all costs. They must be honest in their dealings with their clients.  They are not allowed by the law to take advantage of their clients.

The success of conveyancing in Dartford can be attributed to the efficiency of the city’s solicitors. These solicitors know their business. They are highly trained in matters of conveyance. Most of them have many years of experience in the conveyance. The younger ones work with the hardened solicitors to ensure that no mistakes accrue during conveyance. These young solicitors are expected to take over the mantle once they gain the necessary experience. They are the future of soliciting.

Solicitors effort in conveyancing

Conveyance is a complicated business. There are many tiny details involved in soliciting. This is the biggest reason why common people should not get into property transactions by themselves. They may make mistakes or ignore small details that will later have far-reaching consequences. It is also the reason why even young trained solicitors must work with the experienced ones for a long time before they become more independent.

There are very many things that can go bad during conveyancing.  Something as simple as a misspelt name in a contract may cause serious ownership disputes.  Someone else may take your property if you spell your name wrong. You must also know the kind of property ownership that you are getting into. There are now many ways that you can own property. Houses are not simple living quarters anymore. Your obligation as a tenant is determined by the ownership agreement you sign. If you enter into an agreement that you cannot fulfil, you may end up abandoning your responsibilities and eventually your home. Conveyance gets even more complicated when property ownership is being transferred from one person to the other in will or gift. This why solicitors are absolutely necessary for the conveyance.

Visit any conveyancing firm in Dartford if you have any question about conveyance.  You do not have to be getting into property transaction to talk to a solicitor. Solicitors will answer any question about soliciting from anyone who needs more information.

finance your home

Types of mortgages you can use to finance your home

Homes are very expensive and getting more expensive as the years go. The cost of a house in most cities in the UK can be as much as £400,000.  Very few people can pay this kind of money from their own pockets.  The importance of housing cannot be overstated. Everyone needs a place to live in. Given the high cost of housing, mortgage lenders have come up with various plans to help you finance your home.

Mortgage for new home buyers

New home buyers never really know how a mortgage works. This is understandable since they have never taken mortgages before. A mortgage is basically a loan for buying a home. The process of applying for a mortgage is similar to that of applying for any other kind of a loan. You need to have security, an excellent credit rating and the ability to repay the loan. Security for a mortgage is the property you intend to buy. As such you cannot borrow more than the value of the property. The lender uses a surveyor to determine the value of the ownership.

The difference between mortgages and other types of loans is that a mortgage is used to buy homes and not anything else. You cannot use a mortgage to expand your business or send a child to school. It has to be used to purchase a real estate property.  A lender will not give you mortgage before seeing documents relating to the property that is to be bought.  Most lenders will insist on seeing the property itself. You must also submit transaction documents, including Title Deeds to the lender immediately after conveyance.

The mortgage has to be repaid within a given timeframe.  Mortgages like loans are repaid in instalments. The borrower and the lender will agree on the frequency and amount of instalment before the mortgage is given out.  Larger a mortgage is, the more time it will take to be repaid. The borrower pays the mortgage and interest on the mortgage. Rates of interests differ but are within specific limits. The financial authorities set this limit. Lenders are not allowed to charge significant interests rates. Those who charge less than the stipulated minimum can also face conviction.

Type of Mortgages

There are many types of mortgages. These different types of mortgages vary in how they are administered, managed and in who can apply for them. One type of mortgage is the fixed-rate mortgage. Fixed-rate mortgages have a well defined and rigid interest rates and monthly instalments. The rates and instalments cannot change even with shifts in the economic situation. No matter how long it takes to repay the mortgage, the rates and instalments will remain the same.

The opposite of fixed-rate mortgages are the adjustable-rate mortgages. Interest rates and monthly instalments for these mortgages changes with time. The lender has the responsibility of discussing with the borrower how the changes will occur. Adjustable-rate mortgages are not as dynamic as they sound. The always start as fixed-rate mortgages. Changes in rates and instalments are usually made after an extended period of time of fixed payments. As such, the mortgages are generally referred to as Hybrid Mortgages. Other types of mortgages include VA Loans, FHA Loans, Government-Insured and Conventional Loans.

buying at auction

Property conveyance through buying at buying at auction

Real estate properties can now be auctioned. The procedure for buying at auction is different from the traditional method of conveyance. Auction prices for real estate properties change depending on what buyers offer. The auctioneer usually states a guide price from which bidding begins. The price may then increase or remain constant. This is different from pricing in the traditional conveyance.  The prices of real estate do not change in the traditional conveyance.

Property Auctions

Property auction begins when an auctioneer advertises lots for sale. Details about the lots are usually in catalogues you can view. The catalogues also contain General Conditions of Sale, Notices and Memorandum of Sale. The General Conditions of Sale are a set of rules and instructions that guide Auctioneering of all lots that are in the catalogue. It is different from Specific Conditions of Sale in the sense that the latter defines terms of sale of each lot in the catalogue. Specific Terms of Sale are never included in the catalogue. Catalogues are usually available three weeks before the date of the auction.

Catalogues can be found online or from auctioneering firms. It is important to make sure that an online catalogue belongs to a legitimate seller. Some people may post fake catalogues to dupe prospective buyers. You can double-check the authenticity of a catalogue by calling the number that is indicated in the catalogue. You must also ensure that the information presented in the catalogue is up to date. Some lots can be withdrawn from the auction while others can be sold before the auction. An Addendum is a document that shows changes made in the catalogue. It allows buyers to follow up a property of interest from the day it is advertised until the time of auction.

What does buyer need to know about buying at auction?

A prospective buyer must also ensure that the property that is presented in the catalogue is indeed the right one. Catalogues usually tend to exaggerate information. The buyer must physically visit the property to verify its address and physical conditions. It may be necessary to have a surveyor evaluate a property. Mortgage lenders usually need surveyors report before giving out loans.

It is important to make mortgage arrangements early if you intend to purchase the property through a mortgage. The mortgage lender will need surveyors report. Ensure that you obtain an offer from the lender before going for the auction. If you bid successfully, you will be required to pay a deposit. The deposit is usually 10% of the cost of the property. The deposit is payable by a bankers check. Cash and credit cards are not accepted.

A buyer does not necessarily have to be physically present during the auction. You can follow the auction through a telephone call. Alternatively, you can instruct the auctioneer to bid on your behalf. If you choose to auction by proxy, you must state in writing what your maximum bid is. A buyer can delegate the task of collecting contract and communicating with the seller to a solicitor. If you choose to buy by proxy, it is important to ask for an update immediately after the auction.


Shared Ownership Properties Dartford

Shared ownership properties can help you to buy a home

At a time when the rush to buy a home has become evident in the society, people are looking for alternative opportunities to own a house. There are different ways to own a home with various options, and Shared Ownership Properties is one of the best ways to own a property even though you have a budget constraint. Dartford is one of the most famous places around the United Kingdom, and people seek for properties to own. However, the rising price of the properties has held many to fulfill their dream to own a house in Dartford area. However, the shared ownership can be a great opportunity for them.

What are Shared Ownership Properties?

This is a Government initiative that allows people to take ownership of some part of the property. Many housing associations provide the right platform for many individuals to get shared house. A person can own 25% of the property with the usual process of conveyancing. The owner can buy the remaining of the house may whenever they feel like they can afford it. Until that time, the owner has to pay the rent for the remaining amount to the housing association.

This is an excellent step for those people who have budget constraints or failing to secure a mortgage for a higher amount. The UK government has facilitated the scheme for everyone even if you are not a first-time buyer. The process of owning a shared ownership properties, however, remain the same, but the conveyancing process is necessary. There are many such properties in Dartford that have the same scheme for the shared ownership. However, there are many other schemes from the government as well that may even help to secure a mortgage with a lesser amount of deposit.

Shared Ownership – Conveyancing Charges in Dartford

The conveyancing charges are something that an owner needs to pay. Even though there are many conveyancing solicitors available in the area who are known for their experience, but it is always better to approach a lawyer or firm who has exposure of shared ownership properties. The general charges for the conveyancing include handling charges, search fees, and disbursement fees. The minimum costs that one can expect for the shared ownership conveyancing should be around £810 including the taxes. However, the conveyancing fees depend on upon various solicitors and mostly it is in the range of £800 – £1300 for shared ownership. There are many lawyers available in Dartford area who offers conveyancing with utmost excellence.

Is Shared Ownership a good deal?

This is the most common question that a person thinks before opting for the shared ownership properties. This is a push from the government to ensure that everyone owns a house even if the financial crisis and the budget are stopping them from doing so. The various schemes and the easiness of owning a home give them the flexibility to own the entire house as well.

This is a great alternative for the people of Dartford and the United Kingdom to own a house.

remortgage house dartford

Remortgage House : What do you need know?

Remortgage in Dartford or anywhere in the UK has some peculiarities, which we will be talking about in this article. First, let’s learn a little bit about the city. If you remortgage house in Dartford, you can run into some complications which could have been solved with a little research with remortgage solicitors help.

Dartford is an 85.911 citizens town located in Borough of Dartford, Kent, England. Moreover, it is also situated on the border of the Great London and Kent area. You may be able to find solicitors in Dartford pedestrian area, which is near the Orchard Centre.

Dartford has and affordable area with good schools and for being a cheaper place comparing with other regions in England, it might be a great place to invest. However, we are here to talk about the remortgage process in Dartford. A remortgage is when you pay off an existing mortgage you might have and switch to another lender. You could be willing to do that for many different reasons such as getting better rates when reducing a loan, for more flexibility or even to consolidate debt.

How to remortgage house in Dartford

You need to start by getting all your paperwork together, and the process should start at least three to six months before your current contract ends. You should have your last mortgage and bank statements to see how much you are paying with the present deal you have. Then it is time to find out how much it will cost you to change. There is, for example, an exit fee, which is the lender charging you for closing the mortgage. It is advised to call the bank and get a quote for paying off the amount you owe, and also check if the exit fee matches the one in your mortgage contract. Be aware of restrictions you might face when ending an agreement, you could me paying the lender for a period after you finish the contract.

Finding the mortgage you want is the next step; you do not want to end up with the same or worse agreement than you had before. Understand all the fees involved in the process it is also necessary; it could go up to £400. There are some fee-free deals, where banks pay for legal and valuation costs, although they might come with higher rates. A bargain is also part of the remortgage process, asking a lender to match or better your chosen contract could save you much work. He might consider that, which would make your life a lot easier.

If there is no way your current lender will come up with a better deal, you ought to apply for the new contract. Remember, they will likely ask you to complete an application form and also give proof of income and also identity. The process could take a while, but once the fees are paid and everything is complete, you will receive your new mortgage contract. The whole process will most likely take a month or more.

We chose three different firms to give you a quote of how much you would probably spend to remortgage house. Considering the property price is £175.000, this is what you are facing:

Ramsdens Solicitors (

Legal Fees £233

Disbursements £62

VAT £46.60

Total: £341.60

MartinKaye LLP (

Legal Fees £298.33

Disbursements £65

VAT £59.67

Total: £423

Conveyancing Expert (

Legal Fees £311.50

Disbursements £67.00

VAT £62.30

Total: £440.80

This price research is just an example to help you figuring the right process to  remortgage house; we do not intend to direct you to any firm. The quotes were based on a particular postcode in Dartford. Therefore the price could vary from one place to the other. You should make sure you do proper research to get a deal that fits you better.

Fixed Price Conveyancing Solicitors

Fixed Price Conveyancing Solicitors in Dartford

Dartford is a favourable choice for many for purchasing a property. The nominal rates of the properties and the facilities in and around the area have made this place, one of the best places to stay and live in the United Kingdom. When it comes to property conveyancing, the significance of the solicitors becomes the most vital. There are many solicitors available in the Dartford, but all of them have different pricing scheme. The conveyancing solicitors work in various pricing schemes. However, the fixed price is considered as one of the best for the buyers. The lesser amount of risk and the greater amount of certainty make fixed price conveyancing solicitors in Dartford one of the preferred choices.

What are Fixed Price Conveyancing Solicitors?

The first thing that comes to the mind when you are conveyancing is the price. Fortunately, many firms offer fixed price conveyancing solicitors. The solicitor is responsible for all the legal works for the conveyancing process. From the process of searches, disbursements, draft contracts, exchange of contracts and others are taken care by the solicitors. The best part of the fixed price Conveyancing is that the solicitor will work on the agreed and pre-determined price for the entire conveyancing process.

The legal process of conveyancing may get delayed or may run into trouble; however, the fixed rate will not be changed. The solicitors, however, investigate the property before taking up the fixed cost cases. Many fixed price conveyancing solicitors in Dartford provide excellent services and efficient legal assistance at affordable rates. The experience and the capability of such solicitors can be gold for the buyers and the sellers.

Fixed Price Conveyancing Solicitors in Dartford


This is one of the most reputed and popular law firms in Dartford. The best part of the law firms is that customer satisfaction is their priority. There are fixed price conveyancing available in this firm who are available for offline or online conveyancing. You can also get the dedicated solicitor for the conveyancing process. The price range may differ on the parameters like the experience of the solicitors.

Stephen Sons

Stephen Sons is also a reputed firm, and it is quite known for the fixed price conveyancing process. The incredible record of property conveyancing makes it one of the best solicitors in Dartford.

Dartford Conveyancing Solicitors

They have dedicated solicitors specializing on conveyancing. However, they are known to provide cost-effective fixed price conveyancing in Dartford. The reputed history of their conveyancing makes it one of the most preferred ones.

TG Baynes

TG Baynes is also known well for the fixed price conveyancing. The Dartford-based conveyancing solicitor firm has good records, reputation, and popularity in the area.

The price ranges of the solicitors may be different. However, the fixed price conveyancing gives the buyers the advantage of ensuring the budget well before the conveyancing process starts.

Cost of moving house in Dartford

Entire cost of moving house in Dartford – In details

Moving house in Dartford is not seemingly straightforward. Yes, there are many things involved in it and addressing it promptly is urgent. The estimate for something like this can help you plan the process more efficiently if you do it before beginning the conveyancing process. There are different stages of the moving to a house, and there are different costs associated with all the stages. Here is the entire cost of moving house in Dartford.

Surveyor Fee

This is the first stage when you select your place to move in Dartford. The surveyor fee is basically to check the condition of the house. The cost for this could be different, and it should be in the range of £250 to £500.

Deposit Fee

This is the amount of fee that one must deposit to buy a house. This amount is different from the mortgage, and the cost of the deposit is basically around 5% to 10% of the property. However, this is included in the purchase price, and associated cost with deposit is very minimum. However, once the mortgage initiates, the buyer needs to pay for the valuation of the property. The valuation fee can be anything up to £1500.

Conveyancing Fee

Once you complete the deposit, the conveyancing process starts. It is the legal process of transferring the property from the seller to the buyer. The conveyancing cost is the major part of the cost of moving house in Dartford. It includes the legal fees like Stamp Duty, Searches Fees, and Disbursement fees as well. While some of the disbursement are dependent on the price of the property, you should check them in your solicitor quote. The solicitor fee for the conveyancing is something combined in the conveyancing quote. The conveyancing fee can differ according to the condition and legal fees. However, it is not more than £5000.

Service and Maintenance

If you are going for a Leasehold property, then one must pay the ground rent to the owner along with the maintenance. However, the amount can be different as per the owner and this is a necessary cost that is important regarding the cost of moving house in Dartford. If you have gone through any Real Estate Agent for the property, then the fees of the Estate Agent must be included in this as well. Insurance amount must be paid for the new property as well, and that is something to remember as well.


There can be need of repairs after the conveyancing process complete and that can make the case worse for the buyer. To reduce the cost of repairs, a good surveyor should check the property before the conveyancing process. The repair cost is entirely dependent on the condition of the property.

Transportation cost of moving house in Dartford

This may be the last stage for moving house in Dartford and this not less significant as well. The cost for this is different with different agents and one control the transportation cost as per the requirement.

The entire cost of moving house in Dartford has many aspects, and all must be addressed to limit the expenditure.

Dartford Freehold Conveyancing

What Is Dartford Freehold Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process aiding you to complete one of the most critical decisions in your life. The decision, without a doubt, is the one to duly and legally buy or sell the property. Similarly, in Dartford, there is a legal process that has to be followed to buy or sell the property. In Dartford Freehold conveyancing is a process where may want professional help. You hire the services of a solicitor to assist you in this process. As a result, the tedious job of maintaining and ratifying documents is avoided.

Property Types in England and Wales

In Dartford, or in the whole of England for that matter, property transactions can be of two types:

  • Freehold Property
  • Leasehold Property

A freehold property is where the seller is the full owner of the property. After the transaction is complete, the new owner can decide whether to use the property for himself or to give it on rent. The freeholder of the property will have to make the necessary repairs and undertake any renovation required for the house. The freeholder will also have to pay property tax as he will become the new permanent owner of the property.

Leasehold property, on the other hand, makes the seller, a temporary owner of the property. Although the temporary owner has almost the same rights as the permanent owner, he will have to give up the property after the expiration of the lease.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freehold Property

The major benefits of buying a Freehold property are as follows:

  • No rent or service charges are required from the freehold buyer.
  • Changes in regulations do not affect freehold properties
  • There will be no time limit to his ownership as in the case of leasehold. The property will belong to him for as long as he wants to keep it.
  • There will be no need to draw new contracts now and then.

The disadvantages of having a freehold property are as follows:

  • It requires a high initial investment.
  • It is expensive to maintain.
  • The owner has to pay taxes and carry out repairs.

Conveyancing of Freehold Property

As with every property, Dartford freehold conveyancing is a legal process is required to complete the purchase or sale of property. The process includes preparation of documents, ratification of documents, carrying out searches of the property and the neighborhood if required and payment of stamp duty. The process of conveyancing is bigger in case the property is being purchased. Therefore, the fee is also higher in that case.

If the property were to be a leasehold property, it would require more consultations and more documents to be checked and validated before the process is complete.

In addition to that, the conveyancer can also advise you during the process of conveyancing. Dartford freehold conveyancing conveyancers can use their experience to recommend a particular route for you to take which will suit your needs entirely. Therefore, before buying any property, you should consult an appropriate property conveyancer for his advice. Even after you have made the decision to buy or sell, you should delegate the legal hassle to the conveyancers.

Compare Solicitors Dartford

Compare Solicitors Dartford And Find The Best Deals

Do you wish to buy an affordable house in the city of Dartford? If yes, then there are plenty of beautiful places in Dartford city, where you can get an affordable home. The average fee for the conveyancing process in Dartford ranges between £327 and £409. When compared to other cities in the UK, the conveyancing fees in Dartford is quite reasonable. To compare solicitors Dartford City, you have to keep a set of factors under consideration.

The properties in Kent are more attractive as compared to those in Cambridge and London, as this county is less populated and more peaceful. One of the major factors that may affect your home purchase process is the selection of solicitors.

How to Find the Right Conveyancing Solicitor in Dartford City?

The process of finding an effective conveyancing solicitor in the city of Dartford is as easy as that in any other city in the UK. The challenge, however, is to find the best people in relation to this task. While searching for a conveyancing solicitor, you will be bombarded with a broad range of options. It is then up to you to select the best one, so you need to compare solicitors Dartford just to be on the safe side. You can compare the potential candidates by their traits, experience, and methods. Without having any information about how the conveyancing solicitors operate, it will be difficult for you select the right one for yourself.

The internet and the web have provided a convenient way to compare solicitors at the comfort of your home. The reviews and ratings from previous customers add to their service quality and making it easier to choose.

Factors to Consider while Comparing Conveyancing Solicitors

The most important factors that you must consider while selecting a conveyancing solicitor for your sales or purchase deal are:

  1. Vast Knowledge of the Dartford Real Estate Market: A solicitor with no information of the market is likely to be the worst choice for your deal. Make sure that the person you are selecting is familiar with the trends of the market. This will enable him to get the right deal for you.
  2. Small or Big Solicitor Groups: If you are buying a house in a particular locality then a small group would work. These solicitors have comprehensive knowledge of the local market. However, if you want to expand your search then go for a bigger one. Here you can compare solicitors Dartford better as there are more of them to choose from.
  3. Interpersonal Skills: To work efficiently and strike the best deal, it is necessary for a solicitor to have the right set of interpersonal skills. These skills enable them to negotiate various aspects of the transaction in an efficient manner. Also, solicitors with good interpersonal skills also have an eye for the detail and listen to your instructions careful. When comparing conveyancing solicitors, do not forget to consider this trait.
  4. Commitment and Dedication: A dedicated and committed solicitor will get you better deals. So try to identify the level of commitment by going through the feedback of previous customers.
  5. Costs: Do not forget to compare the fees charged by the potential candidates. When doing this, analyse both stated as well as hidden costs. Select the solicitor whose costs are justified by the high quality and efficient services.

Make sure you compare solicitors Dartford and consider all the relevant factors before selecting the final candidate. This is because the services of your solicitor play a significant role in getting you the best deal.


Conveyancing fees Dartford

How to Save Money on Conveyancing Fees In Dartford?

You may now save enough pounds on the conveyancing fees related to the purchase and sale of your house. However, to make the most of the services, you need to look for reliable conveyancing solicitors in Dartford area. If you fall into the trap of unreliable firms, then you’ll never come to know when your cheap quote will get converted to a massive bill. While you compare conveyancing fees Dartford solicitors can range from £300 to £800 depending on the case and firm you choose.

Make sure to get access to a minimum of three or four quotes for the legal support for conveyancing. Use online conveyancing comparison sites to compare the reviews and ratings from previous clients to ensure you are not falling for shady business tactics. When it comes to finding a suitable solicitor, there can be no better option than a personal recommendation from a friend or a relative. Then you can get in touch with the solicitor through a phone. After a thorough talk, when you are confident about the ability of the solicitor, only then make sure to hire their services. Before fixing a deal, you should always compare the various quotes offered by the different solicitors.

Different solicitors include their additional fees for the legal work on the mortgage. Hence, before signing the deal, you should always know what terms the conveyancing solicitors include in their fees. If you are not careful to check every fine detail of then quote, at the end of the day you may end up paying a huge amount as legal fees.

The legal fees charged may be inclusive of VAT, but this can additionally be missed in the quote and added in the fine print. Additionally, you may have to pay an extra amount for meeting standard disbursements expenses like searches and stamp duty. You may also come by some solicitors who wait for your phone calls. The moment you call them, they will be ready with their list that would be added to their legal fees. For example, they may charge some extra pounds for mortgage fees. Besides, they may also charge an amount for linking various transactions.

Some solicitors add extra disbursement expenses for photocopying, postage, as well as bank charges for transferring the completion money. You should ask detailed questions regarding these. If you do not do this in the due time, you will find that they will mount up pretty quickly.

Legal fees may vary from one solicitor to the other. Hence, you should do a good research work so as to hire a solicitor at an affordable price. Home buying is an expensive venture and can turn out to be a difficult job if legal expenses add up extravagantly.